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Book your wine tours now: We offer small-group and bespoke guided wine tours in German wine regions. Experience our wines and wine culture while touring beautiful sites and historic monuments in Rheingau, in Rheinhessen, Pfalz, and at the Mosel and Nahe River. 



Nov 2, 2020 -  Yes, we are still around!

However, we are in lockdown until end of November. We recommend considering wine tours for spring 2021

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Location and range of BottleStops' Wine Tours

We are located smack in the middle of all wine regions: in the quaint city of Mainz, Germany's Great Wine Capital (25mins from Frankfurt Airport). We take you on special walking tours, luxury small-group tours and private limousine trips into the heart of Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Mosel, Pfalz, and Nahe wine growing regions.

Our Wine Experiences for you

Fun-ducational Tasting & City Tour

Mini-masterclass with top wines of the region, and a walk along Mainz' liquid history.

Beautiful Wineregions - Day Trips

Scheduled and custom wine tours - exploring the regions' wines and vineyards!

Private Wine Tours - tailored for you

Book a private tour and make it your personal wine-lovers tour! 

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