German Wine in the Media | October


As the wine harvest 2018 comes to an end in Germany, news report a record crop. Also, the theft of an entire vineyards grapes makes it into international news.


"Despite the inconsistencies, the good news is that 2017 delivered some of the finest dry Rieslings from Germany ever—expressive, balanced and elegant, versus the more muscular 2015s" says Aleks Zecevic in his sneak preview of German Grand Cru wines (Grosses Gewächs) at Decanter.


Not German Wine... yet German speaking wine: Austria's 2016 vintage of Grüner Veltliner and Riesling - commented on by David Schildknecht in Vinous.


Hayley Hamilton Cogill travelled the wine region of Pfalz and published her tour and tastings for Dmagazine .


In The Guardian David Williams proposes a couple of wines inspired by the fabulously light off-dry Rieslings from Germany.


Cathy Huyghe, in Forbes, offers 3 reasons to take a fresh look at German and Austrian wines.


Join Jana Graber in Epoch Times for a tour of the wine region of Franconia. Paul Jebara of Fantom might have been on a similar tour, posting in Forbes about Oktoberfest and Wine.

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