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Weinfest in Mainz
Weinfest in Mainz (c) deutsches weininstitut


Gutenberg Museum… the centuries old St Martin’s Cathedral… a quaint old town … the unique Chagall windows at St Stephan's… Rhine River cruises - these are the best-known reasons to visit Mainz.


Yet few visitors know that Mainz is Great Wine Capital of Germany! In no other German city wine is as much part of the local culture as in Mainz. Here are some tips what to do in Mainz as a wine lover.


Join one of the many 'wein fest'


Starting from spring all the way through to late autumn there is almost no weekend without a Wine Fest. Here are a couple for you to check out [note that some pages we link to have no English version, but Google Translate works very well]:


‘Wein Marathon’ in Mainz, taking place annually late April/early May. With one ticket you can enjoy a set of 15 tastings, poured at wine stalls located across the city. All participating estates are officially Winemakers of Mainz. A great way to explore the city and its wines in one go – and don’t worry you don’t need to run.


‘Mainzer Weintage’ mid of May is a classic wine fest beautifully located at the Rhine River Esplanade in Mainz. There are over 60 stalls with wines from the Region of Rheinhessen, local food, and there is a live music programme, too.



‘Weinmarkt Mainz’ is probably the biggest of all wine fests in Mainz – and one not to miss. It takes place last weekend of August and the first weekend of September. The Weinmarkt has become famous for its relaxed atmosphere and participation of high-end winemakers of the region.


Taste your wine al-fresco


Mainz has become famous for its al-fresco wine drinking tasting opportunities on public squares, normally offered on Saturdays.


Take a stroll of the Saturday Marktfrühstück literally ‘market breakfast’. This weekly Saturday event piggybacks on the picturesque farmers market around the cathedral. Get a glass of wine, a roll and a sausage and do as the locals do: chill-out Mainz style.

Marktfrühstück takes place every Saturday from late March through to Mid November, 9.00 am to 4.oo pm


On sunny days have a glass of wine at Weinausschank am Rheinufer. Located smack on the Rhine River promenade in front of the town hall, and open Saturdays and Sundays (March to October) this dedicated wine stall is manned alternatingly by different vintners of the city of Mainz.



Explore the Wine Taverns (Weinstuben) of Mainz


Mainz is home to a plethora of Wine Taverns and -Pubs serving wines and regional food at very reasonable prices. Drinking wine here is all except posh: expect a convivial atmosphere and don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing a table.

Here are our favorites in the city center :

-       Weinbistro Laurenz - superb selection of regional and international wines, very good cuisine. Close to the train station.

-       Weinhaus Wilhelmi – one of the most historic wine taverns in town, limited selection of wines, hearty food and a most authentic experience. Close to the town hall.

-       Heiliggeist – a spectacular venue located in a former religious building, with contemporary dishes and an extended wine list covering some of the best Rheinhessen has to offer. Between riverside and cathedral.


Shop wines to take home


Even in times of online shopping there is a set of excellent wine shops in Mainz: Do probe the clerks / shop owners English skills – many speak good English, but are hesitant to expose themselves.

-       Weinraumwohnung has outlets on both ends of the city center. Very good quality price ratio with focus on wines of Rheinhessen

-       Weinkontor Kessler features a great selection of wines from Rheinhessen and Pfalz, with a good choice of top-of-the-range wines.


Take Wine Tour into the regions of Rheinhessen and Rheingau

Mainz sits right between the winemaking regions of Rheinhessen and Rheingau. Within a 15 minutes’ drive you will hit a vineyard. For drop-in tastings, visit Castle Johannisberg, Monastery Eberbach in Rheingau, or – on the Rheinhessen side of the River - the estate Wasem and the Winzerkeller in Ingelheim.

If you would like to visit small or family winemakers directly at their estate, better call in advance and make an appointment. Agree on a price for the tasting, else you will be expected to buy a couple of boxes.


At BottleStops we offer guided tours and tastings, both in and from Mainz as tastings and city walks but also as daytrips into the wine regions.

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