German Wine in the Media | Jan 2020

US based importer of German wines Vom Boden sings praise to red grape Trollinger. It is a sales pitch, obviously, but also a deserved praise of an internationally unknown varietal. Also, their renaming of the region of Schwaben into 'Alto Swabia' made us smile.


In Meininger's Wine Business International wine expert for german wines Stuart Pigott urges winemakers to anticipate climate change


In case you are still struggling with German Wine labels (and others), Marshall Tilden lays it out in Wine Enthousiast. 


In New Zealand Winegrower, Joelle Thomson tells the story of how New Zealand winemakers Giesen return to their roots by acquiring vineyards in Germany.


In Decanter, German winemaker Leitz gets a huge nod as Peter Richards is mulling over low and no alcohol wines. 


Lucy Shaw, in Drinks Business, reports that latest research suggests that Ludwig van Beethoven may have died from lead in wine


Ok... it's not about German wine, but it comes close to what some German wines can be about: Britt Tracy, in The Growler, bats in for the beauty of off-dry wines.


In Vinous, Mosel nerd David Schildknecht gives us a full rundown of the 2017 vintage in Mosel ... Since it's only about the stretch of the river between Winningen and Wehlen we can expect more to come.


In Imbibe, Chris Losh continues his series on German wine clichés with part 3 examining Germany as a cool climate winemaking country , part 4  and 5 putting a spotlight on the attitude and mindset of German winemakers


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