German Wine in the Media | March 2020

In the New York Times, Christopher F. Schuetze, reports on the German Ice Wine harvest 2019 - or rather the non-event of the ice-wine harvest due to a mild winter.


ProWein, VinItaly, Raw Wine... all postponed. A full list of cancellations up to March 4th in Beverage Daily.


"Once banned by law, the hard-to-define style is a window into a winemaker's soul" ... Paula Redes Sidore in Planet of the Grapes on the Riesling style 'Feinherb'.


Also, in Planet of the Grapes, Valerie Kathawala explains how a new and young generation of wine professionals are reworking wines, styles and image of wines imported from  Germany to the United States.


The International Wine and Spirits Competition has shortlisted Anne Krebiehl for the Wine Communicator of the Year award. We cross fingers! German born Anne recently published her book The Wines of Germany, which we reviewed recently.


In The Buyer, Simon Field MW summarises his media trip to Germany highlighting rosé wines from different wine regions and estates (incidentally having wine tastings at some of our favourite estates such as JNeus and Braunewell).


In Planet of the Grapes, Jason Wilson takes us to a tasting with the German Wine Society, Delaware Valley Chapter.


In SpitBucket Amber LeBeau is getting geeky with Mosel Rieslings from Nik Weis St Urbanshof.


Love and Sweet Riesling TBA is a special match reports Catherine Tods in Forbes.


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