German Wine in the Media | August 2020

Here is our August 2020 collection of English language blogs, news, podcasts and any other features about German wines.


In Wine Searcher  Don Kavanagh works the maths and finds that German Riesling offers one of the world's best bang for bucks.  Read the full report.


In Wine Enthusiast german wine critic Anne Krebiehl tastes the wines of our neighbour, Austria and concludes that 2019 'turns out to be glorious'.


MW Thomas Curting has a Swabian Grüner Veltliner with his dessert - but only after of German-wine matched dinner menu.


And CMS Sommelier Joyce pairs a ur-German wine varietal Elbling with her brunch egg dishes.


For his own blog, Riesling and German wine trailblazer Terry Theise interviews Mosel winemaker Johannes Selbach - plenty of insights into what a German Grand Cru should be. 


They say Angela want's you to drink more Riesling - but it is actually more significant: A new German Wine law is being announced.


German Wine institute, the promotional board for wines from Germany announces the start of grape harvest in Germany - the focus being on harvesting for 'new wine' known as Federweisser.


In New York Times, wine columnist Eric Asimov suggests both famous and little known alternatives to Germany's  Riesling


Jamie Goode, in his Blog The Wine Anorak, publishes a first short summary of the VDP Grosses Gewächs 2020 wine tasting in Wiesbaden.


In his blog Club of Stones, German wine god Stuart Pigott lays out why German wines are having a tough time in the American wine market.


The Riesling vintage 2018 is characterised by 'Power & Poise' says Aleks Zecevic in Wine Spectator (subscription required). The article also links to an A-Z rating of top German winemakers and their 2018 wines.


The taste of a 103 years old Rheingau Riesling? MW Thomas Curtius had recently the pleasure to taste Kiedricher Gräfenberg  from 1917... and more. Read his review here.


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