German Wine in the Media | February 2021

Here is our February 2021 collection of English language blogs, news, podcasts, and any other media covering German wines.


Trink, volume 3 is out. In this edition the wine magazine that focusses on 'wines with an Umlaut' puts an emphasis on Austria and Northern Italy. 


'Late release wines are bottles held back from the market until the time at which the winemaker declares them ready to drink. They are, in a sense, the rare vinous equivalent to a writer typing “the end.” - Trinkmag's Editor Paula Sidore on late release wines in Germany.


The latest issue, copy #55, of Mosel Fine Wines is out (free subscription). Mosel wine specialists Jean Fisch and David Rayer take a deep dive into 2019 Highlights, shed light on vineyard names and review a Koehler-Ruprecht vertical. 


In Wine Enthousiast Lauren Mowery explores how winemakers are pushing the geographic boundaries of grape growing. Amongst them is famous Rheinhessen winemaker Klaus Peter Keller who successfully introduced Riesling to Norway.


In Club Enologique Fiona Morrison, MW, shines a light on the world famous Egon Müller Estate of Mosel (we visit Mosel on wine tours frequently). The historic winery is the origin of the world's most expensive white wines. 


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