German Wine Festivals for advanced Wine Lovers

picture curtesy of (c) deutsches weininstitut
picture curtesy of (c) deutsches weininstitut

There is no lack of wine festivals in Germany's wine making regions. Any village related to wine will have its celebration sometime throughout the year. There can be so many fests that some regions have a strict schedule to ensure that the villages' wine parties don't cannibalise each others attendance. (Which is great: you can spent all summer - and autumn - with al-fresco drinking...I have friends who managed to stay on tour for the entire summer.) These wine fests are a great opportunity to immerse yourself into local folklore, drink inexpensive yet good wines and taste local snacks and specialties. You'll rub elbows with the locals and certainly meet plenty of winemakers at their stands.


It's not at each wine fest though that you will get to taste high-end wines - many of the top winemakers have a just too busy schedule to participate. And the weinfests typically take place on market squares or village centers which is very nice, but offers just a fraction of the ambiance that the background of historic wine estates can provide.  


Yet there are some wine events that combine both, tasting high-end wines and visiting historic wine estates.  These are the wine events worth every single second spent - in Michelin star language you'd call them 'worth a journey'. These events are special because they take place right where the wine is made. It's also a demonstration to which extend wine making culture in Germany has changed: It used to be 'every winemaker for himself'. Now, especially with a younger generation taking over, there is a much stronger sense of community and partnership.


Here is a selection of highly recommended wine fests for you to plan your next trip - based on accessibility, quality of winemakers, choice of wines and location:

Recommended Wine Events in June

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Mythos Mosel

Mosel | 27. to 30. May 2018

Takes place annually with around 25 wine estates hosting 75 guest estates. An opportunity to taste around 500 wines ( - there are plenty of blogposts dedicated on how to best navigate this challenge). At just 50 Euro this event is a steal.


Famous german appellation 'der Rote Hang'
Nierstein Roter Hang (c) DWI

Präsentation am Roten Hang

Rheinhessen (Nierstein) | June 2018

An annual celebration of the Winemakers working the famous Rote Hang - one of Rheinhessen's best known appellations with top grand cru wines. 30 Winemakers, 100+ wines. Taste by the glass. 


Famous German wine making region Nahe
River Nahe and its wines (c) DWI


Nahe (Traisen/Niederhausen) | June 24-25, 2017

All winemakers of the prestigious Association VDP in the Nahe River Valley will be presenting their wines at three estates. There will be also 21 guest estates from the neighbouring wine region Rheinhessen. 35 Euro will pay for an unlimited tasting of over a 100 wines.  

Recommended Wine Events in July

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- sorry there are plenty of wine events 'worth a stop', but we are still chasing for events we'd call  'worth a detour'. Meanwhile do check out the list of 'Summer parties at wine estates in Rheinhessen and Nahe'.

Recommended Wine Events in August

Unless a link is provided, there is no English information available. To know more about the event just contact us.

One of Germany's oldest wine events: Rheingauer Weinwoche in Wiesbaden
Rheingauer Weinwoche

Rheingauer Weinwoche

Rheingau (Wiesbaden) | Aug 11-20, 2017

Around 100 Rheingau winemakers  will be presenting their wines in the city center of Wiesbaden - around 1000 wines to taste by the glass. (Look for the stands of the VDP-member winemakers - you can hardly go wrong with these.) Dubbed as the 'longest wine counter in the world' this historic wine fest is very easy to reach, being located just at 30 mins from Frankfurt Airport. It can get quite crowded though.

The saar river and its wines
at the River Saar


Saar (Konz) | Aug 25-27, 2017

10 historic wine estates and 20 guest-winemakers will be offering their wines. There will be about 100 wines available - many of them from world famous estates such as van Volxem, von Othegraven, Kesselstadt and many more. A flat fee of 35 euro covers all wines available for tastings.

We do aspire to publish only exact and correct information. Changes and mistakes happen though - please do verify essentials such as time, date and location before setting off.

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