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Wines & Food we taste · 16. Juni 2020
Step aside Bavarian beer - we are very happy to combine Pinot with Pork Knuckle
Wines & Food we taste · 16. Juni 2020
Flammkuchen, Sekt and Pfalz Wine tours
Wines & Food we taste · 09. Juni 2020
German food & German wine...
Wines & Food we taste · 27. Mai 2020
Need a drink to cool down? Here are our most preferred German summer coolers...
Wines & Food we taste · 06. Februar 2020
You'll be in Düsseldorf and looking for places to go... we got 5 recommendations for you...
Wines & Food we taste · 20. November 2019
You don't like sweet Riesling? Read this!
Wines & Food we taste · 14. September 2018
Counted in vine-years, Scheurebe is a baby - just over a hundred years old... exactly 102 years that is. Scheurebe is the result of German viticulturalist Dr. Georg Scheu's work, successfully crossing Riesling and Bukettraube (literally bouquet grape, a lesser known aromatic varietal) in 1916. Scheurebe can have pronounced and layered characteristics, from intense, tropical lychee, grapefruit and passion fruit to black currant bush and mint, lime sorbet and feline essence or boxwood. In some...
Wines & Food we taste · 11. Juni 2018
If you think that wine needs to be celebrated, that it needs to be sniffed, swirled, swooshed, and commented on every time…. Stop reading right now! This post is not for you. If, however, you think wine can be a just-for-fun drink, thirst-quenching and stimulating, uncomplicated and easy-going, just like beer, keep reading....
Wines & Food we taste · 28. Mai 2018
Here’s a wine category one might not relate to German wine: sparkling wine or ‘Sekt’ in German. You haven’t heard of Sekt? That’s easily forgiven since Germany hardly exports its Sekt. For some reason export markets for sparkling wines have been left to Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco. Possibly it’s that we, in Germany, we drink so much of our own stuff that no winemaker would bother exporting it. But, if you are planning a wine tour in Germany, add Sekt right next to German Riesling...
Wines & Food we taste · 28. Februar 2018
Wanna know more about the wines many German somm's quaff when off duty? Here's the answer!

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