08. August 2017
Recall these stagements...'I'll have ABC - anything but Chardonnay!'? Or, blundly 'I hate Chardonnay'. Since our last venture into Lambruscos, we are afraid of nothing anymore and will give this much bashed wine a new chance. We are not the only ones, it appears...
02. August 2017
Want to see one of Germany's oldest and newest wineries in one go? Abbey Eberbach, the birthplace of the Cabinett wines and home to one of Europe's most modern wineries is home to both. The time warp could hardly be more interesting...
28. Juli 2017
Winery Emrich-Schönleber - Nahe wine tours
Keen on a high-end tasting in September? Here is where to go:
24. Juli 2017
Cary, wine wonk and American citizen currently living in Frankfurt loves to explore German wine culture by visiting wineries. Her last tour took her to the Pinot-Noir corner of Rheingau - see which winemakers she has met...
11. Juli 2017
Spending some time around Germany's Great Wine Capital Mainz in Summer? Make sure you visit a winemaker's party! Here's which ones to go to:

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30. Juni 2017
What's a 'Heimspiel'? How to taste a 100+ wines? What's a must-not-miss wine event in the River Nahe Valley? Some answers and more in this blogpost.... Read on!

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20. Juni 2017
There is absolutely no lack of Wine-fests in Germany. But which events should you attend if you would like to meet renowned wine makers at their estates? Here are some not-to-be-missed events for hardcore wine fans.

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20. Juni 2017
Dirt... dead insects... ant poop.. what's in your wine besides grape juice? ...and does it matter?
07. Juni 2017
Not too long ago, I would have raise my eyebrows at anybody suggesting he or she was fond of sweet rieslings....
07. Juni 2017
Joe Wadsack summarizes what makes German wines great.

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