Wineries & Sites we like · 01. Mai 2018
Highlights of German Wine Culture - Here's to an estate that deserves the title - all in caps.
Events we go to · 30. April 2018
One year BottleStops. We are so proud! And for more than one reason...
Events we go to · 12. März 2018
ProWein, the biggest wine event on earth is coming up. This is how we will prepare!
Wineries & Sites we like · 02. März 2018
On a Rhine River Wine trip but need to find a family pacifier...? We got a solution for you!
Wines & Food we taste · 28. Februar 2018
Wanna know more about the wines many German somm's quaff when off duty? Here's the answer!
Wines & Food we taste · 12. Februar 2018
If you are preparing your food and wine tour to Germany check out these essentials...
Wines & Food we taste · 09. Februar 2018
Couple of notes on my first icewine:
Wineries & Sites we like · 29. Januar 2018
You are not only into wine? Fancy the occasional craft beer? Read on for some tips on combining wine and beer on your route through Germany...:
Wineries & Sites we like · 24. Januar 2018
Wanna tour German wineries like a pro? Here's our base vocabulary for you to impress your hosts and co-travellers:
Wine Tools & Apps we use · 22. Januar 2018
Not too long ago I wrote about a private project,, listing the worlds vineyards in an interactive map. A mega project run by some real wine wonks out of the beautiful town of Heidelberg in Baden, Germany. Now, just this week the VDP, the elite association of German winemakers, released its own version of an interactive vineyards map. Here's some first impressions:

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