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Wineries & Sites we like · 05. July 2022
5 Reasons why Mainz should be on your German Tour Itinerary
So, you got Heidelberg, Munich and Berlin on your list of tour stops when visiting Germany? You will have a guided tour at Eagles Nest, and you will visit Neuschwanstein? You are up for a Moselle or Rhine river cruise? Have beers at the Hofbräuhaus? With that programme, why make time and take a tour-stop in Mainz, this lesser-known mid-sized city nestled in a bend of the River Rhine? Here five fab reasons for you to spend a day or two in the city we love:
German Wine News and Musings · 12. December 2020
Corona-times Germany in December: Thousands of people send wines to total strangers... this is why.
German Wine News and Musings · 03. November 2020
Wine connects, they say...
German Wine News and Musings · 14. October 2020
The harvest 2020 is coming to an end... here comes the German Wine Institute's official assessment.
Wines & Food we taste · 14. October 2020
I faced my ghosts... say hello to Sylvaner...
Wineries & Sites we like · 22. June 2020
Travel along the 11 best vineyards of Germany - insider tips from a tour guide.
Wines & Food we taste · 16. June 2020
Step aside Bavarian beer - we are very happy to combine Pinot with Pork Knuckle
Wines & Food we taste · 28. May 2018
Here’s a wine category one might not relate to German wine: sparkling wine or ‘Sekt’ in German. You haven’t heard of Sekt? That’s easily forgiven since Germany hardly exports its Sekt. For some reason export markets for sparkling wines have been left to Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco. Possibly it’s that we, in Germany, we drink so much of our own stuff that no winemaker would bother exporting it. But, if you are planning a wine tour in Germany, add Sekt right next to German Riesling...
Wineries & Sites we like · 18. September 2017
German Wine Culture: Liebfrauenstift - a church build in 1300, located smack in the vineyards of Rheinhessen. For a long time this was a destination for pilgrims, not only for religious reasons it is said, but also for wines offered to exhausted souls. On a less flattering end the Liebfrauenstift became also the namesake of the Liebfraumilch, a cuvee of cheapest wines, unfortunately still perceived as representative of German wine culture in overseas markets.
Events we go to · 11. July 2017
Spending some time around Germany's Great Wine Capital Mainz in Summer? Make sure you visit a winemaker's party! Here's which ones to go to: