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Events we go to · 09. Dezember 2019
Our insider tips for winelovers visiting Mainz...
Wines & Food we taste · 20. November 2019
You don't like sweet Riesling? Read this!
Events we go to · 12. März 2018
ProWein, the biggest wine event on earth is coming up. This is how we will prepare!
Wines & Food we taste · 09. Februar 2018
Couple of notes on my first icewine:
Wines & Food we taste · 08. August 2017
Recall these stagements...'I'll have ABC - anything but Chardonnay!'? Or, blundly 'I hate Chardonnay'. Since our last venture into Lambruscos, we are afraid of nothing anymore and will give this much bashed wine a new chance. We are not the only ones, it appears...
Events we go to · 30. Juni 2017
What's a 'Heimspiel'? How to taste a 100+ wines? What's a must-not-miss wine event in the River Nahe Valley? Some answers and more in this blogpost.... Read on!
07. Juni 2017
Not too long ago, I would have raise my eyebrows at anybody suggesting he or she was fond of sweet rieslings....