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Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 26. May 2020
Our selection of best maps of German wine regions - for fun, tourism, and studies.
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 25. February 2020
What glass do you use for wine tasting? Here are some thoughts of ours on wine glasses...
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 18. February 2020
Peter Sichel’s « The Secrets of my Life » … an autobiography of the person who once oversaw annual sales of 30 million bottles of Blue Nun Liebfraumilch. Freshly published in Germany, this is the translated copy unfortunately. Which could be reason why language and style come across hardly better than in a student’s essay. Still the translator can’t possibly take all the blame for an utterly boring and very detailed recital of a certainly most exciting life. Born in Mainz to a Jewish...
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 30. January 2020
Interested in wine culture and history - narrated in a captivating way? This book should be for you then...
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 09. December 2019
Books, Blogs, Articles and some excellent Podcasts about wines in Germany.
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 05. December 2019
You plan a wine tour in Germany? This book is for you. ‘The Wines of Germany’ is a great read for anyone with an advanced interest in German Wines. Here's why...
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 22. January 2018
Not too long ago I wrote about a private project,, listing the worlds vineyards in an interactive map. A mega project run by some real wine wonks out of the beautiful town of Heidelberg in Baden, Germany. Now, just this week the VDP, the elite association of German winemakers, released its own version of an interactive vineyards map. Here's some first impressions:
Wine Books, Tools & Apps · 12. September 2017
Hey you! Cosmopolitan wineophile! What are you just having? Where is your wine from exactly? Ever wanted to get a feel for the surroundings and the single vineyards of Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy? Or get a better understanding of the plots and vineyards around Montalcino? Want to see the location of the world's steepest vineyard, the Calmont in Bremm at the River Mosel? We just came across Weinlagen-Info, an interactive tool to search and zoom in an out of the world's vineyards. Based on...