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Wineries & Sites we like · 04. November 2021
Here is what you need to know when starting to plan your wine trip to Germany. A basic, 3 point guide to get set up perfectly for a wine vacation.
Wineries & Sites we like · 10. Mai 2021
22 German Winemakers to Watch in 2021 - by wine region
A perfect wine tour in Germany will most certainly include a number of classic wineries and wines, say Dr Loosen in Mosel, or Schloss Johannisberg in Rheingau, von Winningen in Pfalz. But then, wouldn’t it be great to discover some of the newcomers, those German vintners/winemakers that are all the rage with German wine lovers? This is the 2021 list of winemakers who made it onto the radar of German wine lovers – and it’s not only about newly founded wineries, but also about estates that...
Wineries & Sites we like · 26. März 2021
wine tasting room in ahr
World class wine estates in Germany? There's plenty of them!
Wineries & Sites we like · 24. Juli 2020
Can't taste them but can appreciate them: barrel carvings in German wine cellars.
Wineries & Sites we like · 13. Juli 2020
There is no lack of Weinstuben - Wine Taverns - in Mainz. We picked five that we like most:
Wineries & Sites we like · 29. Juni 2020
Check out these 5 top wine destinations for a Day Tour from Frankfurt.
Wineries & Sites we like · 22. Juni 2020
Travel along the 11 best vineyards of Germany - insider tips from a tour guide.
Wineries & Sites we like · 04. Juni 2020
We put together a list of top wine retailers in the USA stocking german wines.
Wineries & Sites we like · 28. Februar 2020
 5 of the Oldest Wineries in Germany – and of the World (possibly)
Germany's oldest wine estate are amongst the oldest in the world. And still very accessible - see which one you would like to visit...
Wineries & Sites we like · 12. Februar 2020
At ProWein you can meet thousands of winemakers - but see not a single vineyard. Here's our solution.

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