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Wines & Food we taste · 05. February 2021
Rheinhessen Silvaner – Germa-russ-ican Bierock
The world of food is full of oddities. Ask a German about Bierock and he will assume it is the latest VW model. Ask foodies in the United States and Bierock is a comfort food dish of German heritage, common in the Midwest – sometimes called Runza, too. It is bread-y on the outside, it contains cabbage and meat, and it came to the US with German immigrants over a centenary ago. Interestingly the immigrants with Bierock in their luggage migrated from German colonies in the Volga region of...
Wines & Food we taste · 06. November 2020
Wine pairings with german food, german wine, and their friends & neighbours.
Wines & Food we taste · 20. October 2020
3 hot recipes for mulled wine, the third one being being particular.
Wines & Food we taste · 14. October 2020
I faced my ghosts... say hello to Sylvaner...
Wines & Food we taste · 07. September 2020
What are the top dry wines from Germany 2019? Rieslings, Spätburgunders / Pinot Noirs for sure, but make space for one more varietal...
Wines & Food we taste · 16. June 2020
Step aside Bavarian beer - we are very happy to combine Pinot with Pork Knuckle
Wines & Food we taste · 16. June 2020
Flammkuchen, Sekt and Pfalz Wine tours
Wines & Food we taste · 09. June 2020
German food & German wine...
Wines & Food we taste · 27. May 2020
Need a drink to cool down? Here are our most preferred German summer coolers...
Wines & Food we taste · 06. February 2020
You'll be in Düsseldorf and looking for places to go... we got 5 recommendations for you...

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