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Hi! This is me, Jérôme, founder of BottleStops, your host and winelover. 

I got born to a family originating from Champagne and got raised in the heart of Germany's wine regions - still I discovered my passion for wine not only late but also very far away from home: Living in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong for 15+ years, I privately imported wines as a means to share a bit of my home culture. I travelled to a number of wine regions in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Back in Europe my goal is to make German wine culture easily accessible to you and to let you have a taste of the best we have. 

Our Story & Mission

Since the 90's Germany's wine culture has undergone a small revolution: a new generation of winemakers focused their attention to producing wines of the highest quality, adapting new techniques, experimenting with new and old varieties, and enhancing their international presence. Not only Rieslings but also Pinot Noirs are making their way back into the appreciation of international wine lovers. Having travelled plenty of wine regions ourselves, we will ensure you get to explore some of the most interesting wines and estates.


picture (c): Nathalie Schwarz www.gabelfrau.de
picture (c): Nathalie Schwarz www.gabelfrau.de

Our wine-o-mobile: A luxury VW Multivan, 7 seater, all leather, ac, privacy windows.