About Bottlestops

Tours, Tastings & Stories by Jerome and Setna

Our Story

Since the 90's Germany's wine culture has undergone a small revolution with winemakers refocussing their attention to producing wines of the highest quality. Not only Rieslings but also Pinot Noirs are making their way back into the appreciation of international wine lovers. Yet, having travelled wine regions ourselves, we understand the difficulties international visitors may have when trying to access German wine culture. 


Our Mission

We share German Wine culture with wine-loving travellers through tastings, tours and stories. 

Jerome - Founder, Guide.

Though raised in the heart of Germany's wine regions Jerome discovered his passion for wine only late and very far away: Living in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, he privately imported wines as a means to share a bit of culture with hosts and co-expatriates. Jerome travelled to a number of wine regions in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Back in Europe he realised that the support for wine loving travellers in Germany was lacking far behind the quality of German wines. His goal is to make German wine regions easily accessible to international visitors. 

Setna - Partner, Guide. American born, yet thoroughly immersed in the unique culture that is at the heart of Gemany's wine making regions. With a background in languages and business tourism Setna takes care of the wine-themed walking tours in the Great Wine Capital Mainz.