Online Tours & Tastings

Our Corona-safe activities: We take the pleasure of wine or cheese tasting online! Our digital events for companies, groups of friends, or families include tasting packs with small samples sent right to your doorstep, followed up by a fun online tasting event - interactive, lively and interesting.

Online Wine Tasting

Online Cheese Tasting

  • Customised / Personalised to your requirements
  • High flexibility as to number of participants and tasting samples.
  • Corona-safe activity completely in line with Covid rules
  • More details on our offers below.

Perfect for

Online Corporate Events - Online Association Functions - Online Family Gatherings

Questions to consider for your online tasting:

Dates & Time:

  • Allow for 10 days weeks shipping time if participants are outside of Germany
  • Consider time zones

Amounts and packaging:

  • Standard size samples for wines are 0.1l flasks
  • Standards size for cheese is approx 25 gr per sample

Contact us at for details.

Or call Jérôme at  +49 15901302859.