German Wine Regions - Day Tours

Start your wine tours from the center of German wine culture, the Great Wine Capital Mainz, at just 30 mins from Frankfurt. From Mainz we reach leading German wine regions with a short drive: traditional Rheingau, dreamy Nahe, and dynamic Rheinhessen.

Explore beautiful sites, taste great wines, and meet authentic people behind the great wines. 

Not Only Riesling Tour

There is more to German wines than Riesling only. This tour will have you discover some other wonderful wines as well: think Silvaner, Scheurebe, Pinot Blanc and Gris... 

Rheinhessen Vinyards
Vineyards in Rheinhessen - image (c) Deutsches Weininstitut

Riesling Always Tour

Spend a day exploring the origins of Riesling along the River Rhine. This region boasts with traditions, centuries of history and world renown wines... 

Rheingau Vinyards Wine Tours
Eibingen Abbey and its vineyards

Best of Mosel - Baden - Pfalz

Want to explore the vinyards on the dramatic slopes of the Mosel (Moselle) riversides? Taste the elegant red wines of Baden, Germany's warmest and most sunny wine county, locacted on the edge of the Blackforest? Track the historic wine route along the pristine villages of the Pfalz (Palatinate)?

Tours to these regions are customized on demand: contact us with your preferences and requirements. 

Looking for a different wine experience?

  • Fine Dining: match your tasting experience with star rated cuisine
  • Events: vinyards, mansions, cellars...we help you find the right venue.