BottleStops tours and trips FAQ

Can we take our kids?

On private limousine trips: yes absolutely, we will be glad to accommodate smaller ones and plan the itinerary accordingly.

On small group tours: we are sorry, that's a no, as neither pace nor timing is likely to be kids-friendly. 

Which wines should we taste?

Riesling! But you must also try Pinot Noirs - nowadays giving Burgundies a good run for their money. And you might want to try local varieties, such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Blancs and Silvaner. 

All tastings on BottleStops tours are included in the tour price.

Safety on daytours?

Our tours are for pleasure and leisure and most risks involved include normal traffic, wet cellar floors, possibly steep slopes in vineyards. 

Our limousines are equipped with safety belts, putting them on is mandatory. 

Since tasting and drinking wines are involved in most of our tours we request to consume in moderation and within reasonable personal limits.

Our drivers don't drink nor taste. 

Will we meet winemakers?

In many cases. Other than in most new world regions, the majority of wineries in Germany are family run enterprises with winemakers not only making wine but also handling marketing, sales and logistics. So yes, very often they will open their cellar doors personally.

How many people will be on a 'small group tour'?

We keep groups at a size of 6 to 12 people.