Terms & Conditions for BottleStops services and tours



§ 1 Tour agreement

A booking of any BottleStops service is made online through the BottleStops website or through direct agreement. Customers receive an email confirmation as well as a payment receipt. Once email confirmation issued, the agreement between the customer and BottleStops is reached.


§ 2 Changes 

Any changes requested by the customer with regards to the agreement must be made in writing to info@bottlestops.de timely ahead of the agreed service. Changes affecting travel dates or the basic nature of the offered service are subject to paragraph 3 (Cancellations). 

Changes in group size must be reported without delay to the organizer. 

The maximum group size for walking tours is 12 pax. The minimum size is 4 pax.

The maximum size for limousine tours is 7 pax, the minimum tour amount of tour participants is 4 pax. 

Changes to the initial itinerary may occur due to circumstances that can not be controlled by the organizer. These changes may affect tour duration, planned stops, visits, and tastings.


§ 3 Cancellations, Cancellation Fees, 

Group cancellations, partial cancellations, individual cancellations.

All cancellations must be made in writing to info@bottlestops.de.  

Refunds are made out to the account the payment has been made from.


Up to 10 days ahead of the cancelled service, a 10% fee applies and will be deducted from the refunded booking fee.

Up to 5 working days ahead of the cancelled service, a 50% fee applies and will be deducted from the refunded booking fee.

Up to 2 working days ahead of the cancelled service no refund will be made. 


The organizer reserves the right to cancel a service any time. Booking fees for services cancelled by the organizer will be refunded in full. In case of a cancellation due to force majeure, the organizer retains a fee of 10%.


§ 4 Tour duration:

Walking tours: approx. 2-3 hours

Small group day trips: approx. 6-7 hours

Private limousine tours: approx. 6-7 hours


§ 5 Delays/Late arrivals to meeting points

Customers arriving late to tour departures are required to inform the tour guide instantly – related telephone numbers are provided in the tour confirmation documents. On small group tours the guide will wait a maximum of 15 minutes for all participants to arrive. On private tours the tour guide will wait a maximum of 30 minutes for the tour group to arrive. Late departure on day trips might result in cancellation of tastings or appointments at wineries.


§ 6 Tasting fees/Consumption

Unless stated differently in the service description, consumption and purchases are not covered by the tour fees. 


§ 7 Terms of payment

All payments must be made in full in advance of the service.


§ 8 Liability

The organizer holds liability insurance requested by law for participation in traffic. Participation at any service offered by the organizer is at the customer’s own risk. The organizer does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during the tours.