Wine Friends and Partners

This is a list of friends and partners in the wine tasting and -tour business that we at BottleStops like and/or cooperate with (listing in no particular order). We believe in the strength of networks and collaboration, so do not hesitate to contact us, should you see opportunities to work together.

Partnering Association

The Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates (VDP), around 200 elite wine vintners, works with passion, quality consciousness, and dedication to produce wines of distinct origin at the highest standard. VDP members bottle the most extraordinary wines in all quality categories from VDP.Gutswein to VDP.GROSSE LAGE ®. The VDP.Eagle is the seal of quality.


Wine & Gourmet Trips

Visit international wine regions with Armin H. Müller, Sommelier and expert for Gourmet Wine Travel. Armin's trips focus on fun and education while exploring a territory, its wines and its food. Armin's groups lead to new friendships sometimes even new partnerships. 


Small group tours from Heidelberg

Henry at HenryHeidelbergTours offers high quality wine tours to the Pfalz, Baden, Hessische Bergstraße & Alsace.

Taste wines in Rotterdam

[JUST] WINE LOVERS - Wine tastings of various themes organised by charismatic Eleftheria - mostly in Rotterdam. All wine lovers welcome... except wine snobs. We cant wait to get invited for a wine tour of Elef's home: Greece.

About German wines

Winetext - Few wine bloggers choose German wines for their main focus. So it is particularly refreshing to read wine blogger Simon Jones's straightforward, no-nonsense tasting notes on German wines (we are working on him to pick up again on posting about Rheinhessen and Nahe :-).

Learn about wines

Dutch wine queen, blogger and wine educator Nadien Visser runs Le-Club-Des-Vins, which is all about wines, matching food, and wine travel  (in Dutch).

Taste wines in Amsterdam

We very much like the tastings held by the SwirlGirls at Swirl in Amsterdam. Their motto: Helping casual wine drinkers discover and appreciate grapes, regions, and good value wines through wine tasting events. 'Taste first - then drink'.

Travel Tips for Germany

Holiday-in-Germany - travel and tour tips for Germany by UK expatriate and German native Nadja. The site shares Nadja's personal tips and stories about Germany as a holiday destination.

Great Wine Capitals : Mainz

The Great Wine Capitals Network is made up of nine major cities located in internationally renowned wine-producing areas throughout the world. The website gives information on each of the member cities, with links to essential organisations in wine, travel, education and business. It also gives you all necessary information about the Best Of Wine Tourism award winners and about the Great Wine Capitals Travel Network.