Things to do in Mainz

Mainz, a quaint city close to Frankfurt is well worth a visit. Mainz is known for its thousand years old Cathedral, the Gutenberg Museum, St Stefans Church with its Chagall windows, and a very well preserved old town. Visitors can easily explore the city by foot, stroll the historic alleys  and walk the banks of the Rhine River.


From Mainz no less than 6 German wine regions can be reached on day-trip tours. Mainz, also dubbed Germany's Great Wine Capital, sits right between the wine making regions of Rheinhessen and Rheingau. Also, Mainz is a cruise port from where cruises set off for trips down the spectacular Rhine River Gorges of the Mittelrhein area.


Mainz and its Cathedral - a view from the famous Kupferberg hillside terraces
Mainz and its Cathedral - a view from the famous Kupferberg hillside terraces


Due to its well-known Gutenberg University Mainz has a modern, young and lively vibe, while the old town, St Martins Cathedral, and roman ruins offer a rich and fascinating display of history going all the way back to Roman times.


While traditional wine culture is well rooted in Mainz (in fact going all the way back to pre-roman times) a new progressive generation of winegrowers is becoming the pride of the region. With passion and creativity, and tapping into the know-how of their ancestors, these young wine heroes are exploring new ways in winemaking, marketing and wine tourism. Enjoy al-fresco tastings during the wein-fests in and around the city, at the weekly 'market breakfast' or at the open air stalls next to the Rhein River.


Mainz's old town: a magnet for visitors and a meeting point for locals
Mainz's old town: a magnet for visitors and a meeting point for locals


Wine, history and culture come together in Mainz: You will happily immerse yourself in Mainz’s historic centre, the old town featuring picturesque half-timbered houses, ‘gemütliche’ wine taverns, cafes, shops and boutiques. All of which is overlooked since over 1000 years by the imposing St Martin’s Cathedral, one of the largest and oldest cathedrals north of the Alps.


Don’t forget to visit the Gutenberg Museum, a must-see display of the origins of book printing – including two original century-old copies of the first Gutenberg bibles. And be sure to make time for a visit of St Stephan’s Church with its world-renowned blue tinted glass windows, created by Marc Chagall.


st stephan's church mainz
The treasure of St Stephans world famous Chagall windows are visible only from the inside


A great part of the wine culture in Mainz is also shaped by the Wine Taverns. Have a glass of Rheinhessen-wine in these ultra democratic watering holes (check out our post on wine taverns ) of Mainz old-town. For a more contemporary experience sip on a glass of Riesling at one of the pop-up wine bars along the Rhine River banks. And - of course - do not miss out on taking a wine tour into the nearby vineyards, either in Rheingau or Rheinhessen, but also Mosel, Pfalz and the Mittelrhein wine regions can be reached with a day tour.


wine tasting in a cellar in mainz
A private wine tasting in one of Mainz's secret cellars


If you prefer to stay in town, join a wine tasting & walking tour or attend one of the many wine-fests, taking place almost all year round at Mainz’s abundant outdoor areas, such as the Rhine riverbanks, its lush parks, and its historic city squares.


Things to do in Mainz:

  1.  Join a Wine tasting and Tour
  2. Go on a guided Wine Tour
  3. Explore the Old Town
  4. Visit the Gutenberg Museum
  5. Take a day cruise downriver
  6. Visit a Weinfest
  7. Enjoy excellent and authentic German food