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Join us for an entirely different sightseeing tour of Mainz, Germany's Great Wine Capital. Founded by the romans, Mainz dates back many centuries in its culture of wine making and drinking. At just 25 minutes from Frankfurt am Main Airport, Mainz is a perfect city to start your German Wine adventures.

Mainz Food & Wine Tour

Foodblogger Christie Dietz and wine guide Jerome Hainz take you on a food and wine tour of Mainz...


Winetasting at a winebooth at a weinfest in Germany
Winetasting at a Winemaker's Market - (c) Denkrahm

Great Wine Capital Mainz

Our walk of Mainz blends tasting, stories, historic wine pubs and sightseeing to a highly delectable small group tour. Setting off in the early evening you will enjoy a wide selection of wines and samples of traditional local food...


Mainz Schoppenstecher Wine Tours
This happy guy is toasting to the many wine lovers visiting Mainz

TippleTrips - Personal Tour

You'd like to have a personal tour? Customized to the needs of your family, your small group, your colleagues? 

Contact us with your requests and travel dates and we will be delighted to design your very own TippleTrip through Mainz at a time and date suitable to you.

Looking for a different wine experience?

  • Events: vinyards, mansions, cellars...we help you find the right venue.
  • Fine Dining: enhance your tasting experience with star rated cuisine.
  • A day in a life of a winemaker? Join a harvesting team in autumn.
  • Stay where the wine is: we help you find accommodation at winemakers residences.

PIcture Credits for this page: Denkrahm