Impressions from our wine tours

Ahr-Mosel-Nahe Wine Weekend Feb 2018

A quaint off-season winter tour into the Mosel wine region with stops at Ahr and Nahe winemakers, too. Enjoyed the calm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere at the wineries with winemakers  coming out of hibernation and slowly starting off into the new season.

Day Trips, Tastings & Events: Autumn / Winter 2017

Tours to Christmas Tasting Events at wineries in Rheinhessen and Nahe.

"Not the first time a travelled to the German wine land with Jerome as my guide. we visited the Christmas events at the wineries in Pfalz. We saw amazing cellars, drank fantastic wines, had wonderful chats with wine makers and learned a lot about the history and wine making traditions of the area. Jerome is a wonderful host, and guide. I have already booked my next trip to the Mosel valley in February!" Eleftheria (GR)

"Jerome gave us a great weekend for wine tasting in Germany. I believe his tours are good for starters, but also for the more advanced tasters as Jerome has great knowledge about wine and the winemakers we are visiting in the region.
I would absolutely recommend Jerome as a guide and we will definitely join his tour again next time!" Pim (NL)

"Jerome is a delight to work with. He is a wealth of knowledge about Mainz and is eager to share the history, culture, food and wine of this wonderful city. We loved our time in Mainz, and we wouldn't think about a return to the Rhineland-Palatine area without working with BottleStops! Highly recommended!" Martin (USA)

Autumn in the vineyards. Guided Wine tours of Rheingau, Mainz and Rheinhessen.

"[...] Jerome's passion and well-organised visits to three very different, very good wineries made for a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday. Each individual tasting was fun and informative; the tour as a whole is a great way  to get to know the area [...]. I'd highly recommend it." Christie (GB) - full review here.

Corporate event: Tailored tasting and Mainz & the Wine tour for DEMATIC global HR team

October Weekend Harvest & Wine Tour in Nahe | Rheingau | Rheinhessen

...great fun in the vineyards, tasting and exploring German wine culture. We had great vibes in our small group  - with visitors from Arizona and expatriates from Virginia living in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Tour to Grand Cru 2016 Release in Nahe River Valley | Chardonnay Tasting

I had a great time in Nahe! I always wanted to go to the German wine region(s), they are super close to NL. So when I saw the BottleStops event, I didn't hesitate for a second. A round trip to the Nahe - and taste the Grand Crus of the region - in a day, I'm in . 
Sure, 4 hours back and forth seems a bit much, but Jerome brought coffee and water and introduced us to the regions and the German wines. We were there in no time :) 
Also, the van is super comfy. There's plenty of space (and I'm tall!). We stopped a couple of times on our way to stretch our legs and to see the beautiful Mosel Valley or eat a piece of German 'Kuche'. Like! 

I will definitely join Jerome on the next trip!


Nadien (NL)

Jerome knows the region and its wines so well, he made sure we tried the best wines, visited some beautiful wineries and drove through some of the most scenic routes I ve ever seen! It's all, vineyards on steep slopes, rivers, cute villages and green forests. 
Before we start driving back, Jerome made sure we do like the locals and took a coffee and cake stop. 
This was just a perfect day, full of beautiful views and images and some of the best wines you will get to try!
Bonus: wine is so affordable for its quality there! Make sure you get some good bottles for back home. 

Elef (GR) via Tripadvisor

"I had the pleasure to participate in a wine tasting organized by Jerome. He took us on an exciting journey; we tasted Chardonnays from different locations worldwide. Jerome carefully selected them to provide us with wines with very different characters and I learned about tastes I did not knew they existed. Fantastic. Jerome proved to be a great host, compentent in enology and at the same time charming and entertaining." Karsten (Ger)

Day Trips: Summer 2017

Family Private trip in Rheinhessen | Nahe | Rheingau including a city tour in Mainz

'Jerome organised a great wine tasting weekend away for all my family. Even my kids enjoyed some of it, which is a success!' Ina (UK/Ger)

'We had a great walking tour of Mainz and a tasting of the principle wines of the region. The tour was very informative, well paced, and even adapted to accommodate our 7-year old, with stops for ice cream and a fresh pretzel. We concluded with a very traditional meal and a stroll along the Rhein. Highly recommended!' Ian & family (US)

Winery Party Crawl Rheinhessen

'Thank you Jerome again for organising such a great wine tour in the Rheinhessen region! We had a great friday evening!' Karen Liu (HKG)

Tours into Rheinhessen | Nahe Valley  with stops at Braunewell, Riffel, Kruger Rumpf, Dönnhoff, Dr. Crusius, Hermannsberg | VDP.Heimspiel

"Taking a night train from Berlin to join Jérôme's day tour in the Rheinhessen was totally worthwhile. Although we visited several different wineries, the wines provided and time spent at each tasting was adapted to the small group's personal preferences. It is definitely the best way to discover German wines!" Olga (Rus)


"I greatly enjoyed the wine tour our guide, Jerome, hosted.  We were able to speak with the wine makers and learn their philosophies, their styles, and their terroirs.  Furthermore, and more importantly, the tour was a lot of fun.  This is a great tour for the wine novice as well as the more experienced wine enthusiast.  Thank you Jerome and BottleStops for a great day." Cary (USA)

Walking Tours: Mainz & the Wine

I greatly enjoyed the tour, thank you.  I learned a lot and look forward the the next tour.It gave a great taste of what Mainz has to offer and the wine history there is pretty rich. Cary (USA)

"We spent a really nice evening with Jerome . The guided tour of Mainz was really interesting : full of small and funny anectodes , good tips and good wines to discover! The last part of the tour is more theoretic but not boring at all! He taught us all the basics which are important to know in order to understand German wines. A 101-class for every wine-lover in a new country/city like we were!"

Barbara (France) & Michael (Belgium) 

"Thank you Jerome for holding this event. This was a great idea to taste wine and learn more about the city we live in. Only recommendation I would have is maybe instead of two outdoor wine tasting during the walk maybe have three. This is if you can carry all that wine. Other than that I we had a great time. Thank you again."

Ann (USA)

Day Trips: Winter 2016 / Spring 2017

 Trips to Mosel - Middle Rhine Valley - Rheingau. Stops at Heynan Löwenstein, Matthias Müller - Tony Jost - Klostermühle Odernheim - Weingut Hermansberg - Kloster Eberbach... 

'While living in the Netherlands, we seem to overlook our German neighbors and underestimate their wine making craft. The bottlestops weekend out took us to 6 prize winning winemakers, along the Mosel and Rhine. ' Rong Hua (NL)

'I was so impressed how much pride the winemakers take in what they are doing - and the time they dedicated to show it to us'. Sophie (F)

'After long and extensive wine tastings, we managed to get some very nice Riesling wines, but also some Rose and Red wines made from Pinot Noir (‘Spätburgunder’ in German). So in the near future, while we are enjoying a nice bottle of Riesling, we will have fond memories of hunting down these very special wines.' Le Shen Ching (TW)

'I live near Mainz and you should therefore think that I could find these winemakers myself. But after participating on this wine tour, it became clear that these places where handpicked for a reason. Great tour with some very nice tastings presented by winemakers personally - that just made this so much better, than If I had dropped by myself. Thanks Jerome for putting this trip together!' Ulrik (Denmark)