Visit German Wine Regions with BottleStops' wine tours

When it comes to destinations for wine tours in Germany, we are spoiled with options! BottleStops is based in Mainz (Great Wine Capital of Germany), close to Frankfurt. Scroll down to view the list of the key wine regions we travel - click through for detailed profiles of each region.


BottleStops' scheduled wine tours cover two of the best wine regions: classic Rheingau, up-and-coming Rheinhessen. On request we offer private day trips to the wine regions of Mosel and Pfalz, as well as Nahe and Mittelrhein.


rheingau vineyards (c) bottlestops

Century old abbeys, wine castles, historic villages, and one gigantic slope that is Rheingau....>more


Rheinhessen - Roter Hang and the Rhine (c) BottleStops

Germany's largest wine region, with an abundance of young and ambitious winemakers...>more


 Traiser Bastei  vineyards in Nahe (c) BottleStops

Quiet, serene, almost a bit enchanted, the Nahe wine region is one of Germany's best kept secrets....>more


Mittelrhein castle and vineyards (c) BottleStops

Mittelrhein: Germany's smallest wine region in the spectacular Rhine River Gorges, featuring medieval castles and incredible value wines...>more


Mosel vineyards at Bernkastel Kues (c) BottleStops

Germany's most prominent wine region sports incredible views, steepest slopes and world renowned Rieslings...>more


Barrel cellar / Pfalz  (c) BottleStops

Home to fantastic Rieslings and Pinots, historic villages and world renown wine estates - and top class restaurants ... the wine region of Pfalz has it all...>more

The wine regions of Ahr, Baden, Franconia and Würtemberg are unfortunately outside of our reach for day trips. Still feel free to contact us and we will help  with partners and contacts in these wine regions.