Rheingau - Wine, Abbeys and Castles

"Monasteries, manor houses and palaces bear witness to the traditions of affluence associated with wine growing here during the past 1200 years" 

Kerry Brady Steward 1998  in 'A Travellers Wine Guide to Germany'

Rheingau features castles, monasteries and a fantastic array of wines.

We love our wine tours to Rheingau: it is a textbook wine region with a wonderful blend of historic villages, ancient castles and abbeys and a lively wine culture. Moving east to west along the northern bank of the Rhine River, the Rheingau progresses from rolling hills to the steep rocks marking the entrance of the Rhine River Gorges.


Rheingau may be one of the smallest wine regions in Germany, yet it features world renowned estates like Leitz, Breuer, Johannisberg, Wegeler and many more. Don't miss to stop in Rüdesheim, the most famous of all Rheingau towns - but also slightly less famous Eltville offers a relaxed visiting experience.


Our scheduled guided tours Riesling Always and Castles & Abbeys take you out on a 6 hours journey to discover the region and its wines.


Rheingau sits just west of Frankfurt, north of Mainz, and lends itself perfectly to a day trip at the beginning or at the end of your wine discoveries in Germany.


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