Rheinhessen - Rolling Hills and Next Gen Vintners

"Rheinhessen has been called 'God's Garden'. The fertility and wealth of this strip of land has been famous from time immemorial" 

S F Hallgarten in 'German Wines'  1981

Rheinhessen: rolling hills, endless vineyards and innovative young vintners!

Rheinhessen used to be ocean floor - million years ago. Today Rheinhessen sports an ocean of opportunities for young winemakers keenly showing off their skills. Pick-up fossilised shells while enjoying superb wines from over 20 varietals growing in the region.


From wines soft, fragrant, medium-bodied and mild in acidity to wines of great class and elegance, with a depth and complexity second to none - Rheinhessen sports it all. 


Explore Rheinhessen from its Great Wine Capital Mainz! BottleStops' 'Not-Only-Riesling Tour', takes you on a 6 hours day trip for tastings at leading winemakers in the region.


If you prefer to stay in Mainz, opt for a walking tour - explore the region with a liquid way by joining our wine and food lovers event 'Tasting & Tour'.


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