Wine Tours to MittelRhein - region of the spectacular Rhine River Gorges

"There cannot be many river valleys in the world whose natural beauty rivals that of this stretch of the Rhine." 

SF Hallgarten 1981  in 'German Wines'

With BottleStops' wine tours to Mittelrhein you get to see steepest vineyards and plenty of castles.

The Mittelrhein Wine Region includes the world-heritage listed stretch of the Rhine between Rüdesheim and Bonn - one doesn't have to be a wine lover to enjoy a tour of this area! Scroll down for an interactive map of Mittelrhein and its attractions for food and wine lovers.


The river has carved its bed through the stone hills, forming a narrow valley, with spectacular sites boasting castles and steep slopes vineyards. While no more robber barons are around, plenty of fantastic Riesling wines are. 


Mittelrhein wines are rare to come by outside of Germany, yet the steely Rieslings make for a fantastic experience - both in dry and off-dry styles, sometimes coming with a little 'Spritzigkeit', a light, refreshing effervescence. 


When touring the area, stops in the historic townships of Bacharach or Oberwesel are a must (see wine region map below). More often than not, wines from the best known wineries make for a fantastic value for money. Look out for wines from Weingut Mattias Müller, Weingart, Jost or Bastian. 


BottleStops wine tours can be booked as private tours to Mittelrhein.

Currently we operate wine tours to Mittelrhein either as PRIVATE TOURS on demand.


* Date, time and duration: 

Our Mittelrhein wine tours are scheduled on request and will leave from Mainz at 10.00 am with a planned return at approx 4.00 pm.


*Pickup and Dropoff:

Private wine tours to Mittelrhein include pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in the Mainz area. Different locations are possible, but may be subject to surcharges. For public tours, pickup is at the short term parking lot on the backside of Mainz Central Station.


* Programme

There will be two to three wine tasting stops at wineries, and a lunch stop. Depending on pace and progress there will be further stops for pictures and sightseeing.


*Group Size

Our luxury van has a capacity for a total of 6 people. 



Pricing for private tours starts at 790 Euro for a 6-7 hrs tour. Surcharges may apply for overtime and extra-distance. Public tours start at 145 Euro per person.

Wine- Food- and Sightseeing Map of Mittelrhein

BottleStops' interactive maps of German vineyards and wine regions indicate highlights that our tours can include. Click to activate the interactive features of the map and find out about castles, vineyard sites, and estates that we love in Mittelrhein.