Join our Mosel Wine Tours - Spectacular Slopes, Riveting Rieslings

"Vinum Mosellanum Sanum Est"   - "Mosel wines are healthy"

Ausonius, a Roman, ... a long time ago

Pictures from BottleStops' wine tours to Mosel: This wine region is the most beautiful in Germany, possibly on earth!

Whether as healthy as once claimed by the romans or not, Mosel wines are compelling - and so is the entire wine growing area. Steepest slopes, castles, impossible river loops and historic villages... the Mosel wine region features it all. 


Ever since the romans developed viticulture in the region, Mosel wines have enticed wine lovers with their lean, floral, sometimes honeyed finesse. At BottleStops we are no exception, we love Mosel wines (although, we are suckers for Rieslings from Rheingau, Pfalz, Nahe and Rheinhessen, too). But no other region comes with similar sights - there is no steeper, no more spectacular vineyards in the world than those of Mosel!


We love to take the tasting stops of our wine tours around the beautiful townships of Bernkastel,  Traben-Trarbach and Cochem. Mosel Winemakers to visit are Dr. Loosen, Markus Molitor, Selbach Oster, Clemens Busch, Immich-Batterieberg, and many more.

our Mosel Wine Tour Details

Currently we operate wine tours to Mosel as PRIVATE TOURS on demand. 


* Date, time and duration: 

Our Mosel wine tours are scheduled on request and leave from Mainz at 9.30 am with a return at approx 5.00 pm. Count approximately 90 mins travel time from Mainz to our target area in the Mosel river valley.


*Pickup and Drop-off:

Private wine tours to Mosel include pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in the Mainz region. Different locations are possible, too, yet will be subject to surcharges.


* Programme

There will be at least two wine tasting stops at Mosel wineries, and a lunch stop. Depending on pace and progress there will be stops for pictures and  village sightseeing as well.


*Group Size

Our luxury van has a capacity for a total of 7 people.



Pricing for private tours to Mosel start at 1085 Euro for a 8-9 hrs experience. Surcharges may apply for overtime and extra-distance.

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